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Legal information

Fisconsult Fund Management Ltd is licensed as Investment Adviser (Unrestricted) & CIS (Consolidated Investment Scheme), authorised to operate by the Financial Services Commission Mauritius FSC ( 

Products and services presented on this website may be restricted to some persons or countries depending on specific regulations. Especially US investors are governed by specific local laws.

More generally, products and services presented on this website will not be provided to investors for whom the access is prohibited by the law of their country (of their nationality, domicile, residence or other). Visitors are responsible for ensuring that they are authorised to access this website in accordance with the law of the country in which they are located.

Fisconsult Fund Management recommends that any person wishing to subscribe to a product or service presented on this website checks that he or she is legally authorised to do so first.

The information on this site is for information and advertising purposes only. It does not constitute investment advice or an offer. This information may be partial and regularly modified without prior notice. 

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Fees and commissions are included in the showed performances. 

The Funds and all other investment solutions present a risk of loss of capital and require sufficient knowledge on the part of the subscriber. Investors should be aware of the risks and expenses relating to the investment solutions presented on this website by consulting their KIDs (Key Information Document). The KIDs must be delivered to the interested parties before each subscription. These documents, as well as the legal prospectus and annual reports of the funds, are also available on request to Fisconsult Fund Management. 

For any information relating to the products presented on this website, their history, their Net Asset Value or your investments, please contact ‘’.

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